Summer Birding in the Sub-Arctic
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
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Norm Lewis:  
  • Norm Lewis has guided numerous birding tours across North America, including
    multiple trips to Southeast Arizona, Florida, the Rio Grande Valley, the Upper Texas
    Coast, Nebraska and the Platte River Valley, North Carolina, New Mexico and
    elsewhere. For 21 years he has led monthly trips across Colorado for the Denver
    Museum of Nature and Science.  Recently, he has hosted a trip to Costa Rica and
    looks forward to guiding his flock of loyal bird enthusiasts to other destinations
    around the world.
  • Norm is always good for a quick and tricky identification. He is always helpful with a
    quick lesson on the finer points of bird identification in the field.
  • Norm is a Past-President of the Colorado Field Ornithologists and Denver Field
    Ornithologists.  He is also on staff  at  the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Photo by Robert Royce