Comprehensive Vietnam Birding
With John Drummond and Nguyen Hoai Bao
John Drummond:

John could be described as an avid bird watcher as he is approaching 6,800 bird species
on his world bird list and has birded in 28 countries, covering 6 continents.
  • John has been a leader, co-leader or has advanced a number of international trips
    covering Australia, Bolivia, Jamaica, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Uganda.  He
    has also lead a number of trips for a wide variety of organizations throughout the
    United States.
  • Though he has birded around the world, he very much enjoys birding in the United
  • When birding with John, you will find that he is spotting constantly and finds birds
    through holes in thick vegetation which you may have missed. He is a handy
    resource on any birding trip.
  • John has been birding for nearly sixty years and has been planning and plotting bird
    trips to every corner of the globe during most of his adult life.
  • John has a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from Southampton University, England, has
    extensive field experience on a number of bird studies, and has spoken to a number
    of Audubon and other ornithological groups.
Nguyen Hoai Bao:

Bao is a professional ornithologist teaching at University of Science, Vietnam National
University in Ho Chi Minh city but he finds time to lead birding tours. Bao is also a
conservationist who has been collaborating as a Vietnam bird expert for Birdlife
International, WWF, WCS, IUCN and International Crane Foundation for many years.
  • Bao became interested in birding when he was a little boy and he has been
    birding in Vietnam intensively since 2001. Since becoming a professional
    birder, he travels and birds around the world. He has visited United States
    (birded in Davis, San Francisco, Monterey, San Diego, CA; Denver, CO;
    Louisiana; Wisconsin) and other countries in Southeast Asia: Laos, Malaysia,
    Burma, Thailand, Cambodia.
  • Bao holds Masters degree in ecology & environment and is doing his PhD
    project about Crane's Habitats in South-east Asia Region. He is one the most
    experienced and famous birders in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.