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Partnership for International Birding Update:  
May 27, 2009

The Partnership for International Birding now combines the best of
effective local logistical operators (such as Neblina Forest Tour), some of
the world's best bird guides (Lelis Navarrete, Johnnie Kamugisha and
Patrick Cardwell), and a number of other key partners to
bring our
customers a wide variety of choices
to meet their bird watching travel
  • Our trips range in pace from more leisurely trips to those trips
    suited to the enthusiastic lister.
  • We have a number of trips to a wide variety of destinations
    scheduled throughout the year.
  • We are always willing to work with other groups (such as Audubon
    organizations, local or state ornithological organizations, or simply
    long-standing groups of birding friends) to support the
    development of their trips to destinations in South America, Central
    America, Europe, Africa and some locations in Asia.  We also
    support trips in North America with keen support in California, the
    Pacific Northwest and Colorado.
  • If you need a family trip, we continue to work with Nestling Tours
    and our other international partners to support your family's travel

In every country we work, we have
developed strong and effective
relationships with the top local bird watching guides
.  The best
value in every trip is the top local guide who spend nearly every week of
the year listening and learning more and more about where different bird
species can be found.  Their expertise will allow you to see more bird
species each day and provide a foundation for learning more about the
habitats and natural world you will be visiting.

All of our trips are designed for
small groups (6 to 8 participants),
everyone an excellent opportunity to see the bird species
they desire
and to have excellent support from guides and  hosts.

Each year, we continue to expand the scope of our services, developing
new effective partnerships around the world to support your bird watching

As of this web version, I know I am missing a few trips, but keep checking
here for more 2009 and 2010 plans.  
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Central and South America
with Neblina Forest Tours:
Africa with
Kamugisha, Cardwell
and Other Excellent
Guides and Logistical
Central and South
American Birding
Learn more about our
partner, Neblina Forest
Learn more about our
Trip to
Ecuador with
Ted Floyd, editor of
Birding Magazine.
African Birding (and
Wildlife and More)  
Bird Watching Trips in
the United States
Anytime Tours
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Upcoming Family Trips
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Wildlife.  Patrick Cardwell has lead
numerous trips to
Namibia and is
anxious to develop the 2010 trip as a
bird photographers trip.  More details
coming here.