Tour Pricing:  All of our currently scheduled tours have been priced.  The link  
below will send you to a summary comparing the prices of well over 90% of our trips.  
More detailed pricing is presented at the end of each trip description.  Please contact us
about pricing on any trip and/or to clarify any pricing information.   We are glad to do
so.   Just email, and we will reply within 24 hours (or simply click the
contact us button in the upper right hand corner).

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International Birding Tour.

Pricing for PIB Tours are Worth Checking Out:

  • Our tours are price in most cases less than our competition.

  • Our prices are less because we use excellent local guides (often the best in
    the business), and we are not flying guides around the world to lead the tour.

  • PIB offers great local food and excellent accommodation, based on the
  needs of a birding tour.

Also, please contact us so that you can see a detailed invoice so that you know
exactly what you are paying for.  We like our customers to know what is included in
their trip pricing.  Our goal is that there be no surprises on trip costs.

We absolutely want to be clear about what you are paying for.  We take great care to
be open and honest, so that you have no surprises.
Pricing for Our Trips and Services