Northwest Peru and
Tumbesian-Marañón Endemics
Day 1:  Arrival and fly to Lima.
Day 2:  Flight to coastal city of Chiclayo, and biirding
Pomac Protected Forest.
Day 3:  Birding Chaparri Reserve.
Day 4:  More birding in Chaparri Reserve, then birding
for several key species along way across the Abra
Porculla Pass to Jaen.
Day 5:  Gotas de Agua Reserve and other mountain
forests around Jaen.
Day 6:  Look for several key species Jaen to Abra Patricia
Reserve, and visit
Huembo Hummingbird Gardens.
Day 7:  Birding all day at Abra Patricia for a number of
key species, such as Long-whiskered Owlet.
Day 8:  Birding the montane forest and the foothills of
Alto Mayo Protected Forest.
Day 9: Look for key species (and enjoy great views) to
Day 10: Forest birding (several key and endemic species)
along the
Marañon River to Balsas.
Day 11: MBalsas to Celendin:  Nice stop at Hacienda
Day 12: Birding the high high Andes as we make our
way to the ancient city of
Day 13: Birding around Cajamarca and the archeological
site of
Day 14: Transition Day or Departure Home
  • Return to Lima for those enjoying main trip.
  • Start of two day extension.  

Extension Option:
Day 14: Early morning drive to San Marcos (Great
and then Huamachuco.
Day 15: Final day of birding to “El Molino” for Purple-
backed Sunbeam,
Day 16: Return to Lima for afternoon flights home.
Brief Overview of Trip
A few highlights of our Northwest Peru trip include seeing
430 to 480  bird species in two weeks.

The trip will cover a number of habitats and altitudinal
zones from lowland rainforest and wetlands, to dry and
deciduous forest, to montane forest, cloud forest and
paramo. This mix of habitat and altitude and a well-
planned itinerary will assure seeing a number of species
at an enjoyable and productive pace of birding.

The trip includes the Marañon Biodiversity Region,
recognized as one of the key preservation sites for birds
and wildlife in the world. Marañon is the head waters of
the Amazon river.

Besides great hummingbirds and tanagers, the trip will
also be filled with a number of fantastic Inca-Finches.   
  • A number of Peruvian endemics and birds endemic
    to Ecuador and Peru can be seen, including
    Marvelous Spatuletail. The trip should pick up at
    least 20 to 25 endemics.
  • Other key special and fantastic bird species
    include Coppery Metaltail, Maranon Crescentchest,
    Peruvian Plantcutter, White-winged Guan and
    Black-necked Woodpecker

The trip will stay at a number of eco-lodges, including
Abra Patricia Lodge and Chaparri Reserve and Lodge.  
Complete lodging list including all lodges and hotels is
Brief Itinerary
More Details on This Trip
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Febrero Marañon
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Pomac Protected Forest, Chaparri Reserve, Abra Patricia Reserve, Huembo Hummingbird
Gardens, Alto Mayo Protected Forest, Leimabamba, Balsas and Marañon River, Celendin and
Hacienda Limon, Cajamarca and Otusco Historic Site
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Trip Description
Tumbesian–Marañón Endemics
Northwest Peru