Photo by J. Drummond.
Black-chinned Mountain
Tanager is one of over 70
tanager species to be seen
on the trip.
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We have found the top two or three popular trip leaders
for local trips in each large city (and sometimes popular
for a state) make great hosts for our trips.  When they
announce they want to go birding to an international
birding destinations, their birding friends know they have
developed a good plan for a fun and productive birding

We offer our hosts access to great familiarization trips,
scouting trips with some of the world's best bird guides,
and support for making trip planning, sales and customer
support much easier.  

Because of what you bring to the Partnership for
International Birding, we cover the hosts costs on trips
they are hosting.  These costs include lodging, meals,
international flight and most other trip costs in most
situations.  We usually price our trips to include a sales
fee to the host for bringing paying trip participants to the
hosted trip.  As we price trips, we are always clear about
costs and pricing information.

Because of our experience and our regular working
relationships with the best guides in the world and the
best local logistical operators, we can provide expertise in
  • We can help you choose the best birding routes for
    your trip and maximize your opportunities to see
    the endemics or other key species you want you
    and your friends to see.
  • We can help you choose lodges quickly, because
    our guides know lodges (or hotels) which offer
    good access to birding locations, good meals, and
    good value.  We are not about selling you lodging,
    we are about helping you find high-value lodging
    which supports your bird itinerary.
  • Our local logistical operators also can assure
    reliable international transfers to meet any flight
    plan, assuring everyone gets to the starting hotel
    or location.  They can also set up reliable transport
    for small groups.
  • We also help you with trip sales.  In most situations,
    when you announce a trip a number of your birding
    friends will sign up immediately.  Through our
    advertising in the major birding magazines, through
    internet marketing and through our relationships
    with our past customers, we can also help you
    complete sales on the trip.
  • All of our trips are well-planned maximizing birding
    opportunities and reducing rushing around.
  • Our customer service staff help clarify entry
    requirements (gathering passport information),
    provide health preparation information, gather
    information on health and special diet issues, and
    other information.
  • All of our trips include trip itineraries, arrival and
    departure plans, preparation checklists, packing
    lists, bird checklists for your trip, group birding
    courtesy guidelines, cash and tipping
    recommendations and other essential information
    for assuring a well-prepared group for a smooth
    and productive birding trip.

The Partnership for International Birding was founded by
three persons who enjoyed leading local bird trips and
who love international birding.  We know how much work it
can be to lead local bird trips (and how much fun).  We
know how much more work an international trip can be if
you do all the bookings yourself.  With the partnerships
we have built around the world, we hope to make
international birding easier for hard-working local bird trip

Please contact Charles Thornton-Kolbe (phone 720-320-
1974 or 888-203-7464 or email at
the Partnership for International Birding to learn more
about our familiarization trips, scouting trips and the
numerours opportunities to host bird-watching trips
around the world.  When meeting a potential Host Council
Member, I really prefer a phone call.  
Join the Partnership for International
Birding as a Member of Host Council
For More Information , call Charles at 888-203-7464 or directly at
720-320-1974 or by email at
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by John Drummond
Masked Flowerpiercer
by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by John Drummond.
Host Council
Bird the World with reliable partners for logistics, known lodging with
value, customer service support and more sales on your trips
(allowing you to enjoy more international birding)