Harry Fuller has been leading Pacific Coast bird trips for two decades. He
frequently teaches bird classes for Point Reyes Field Seminars and other
non-profits.  He will be leading a field trip at the annual Point Reyes Bird
Festival in May. He has led trips for Golden Gate Audubon of San Francisco
to Malheur and the Oregon Cascades. He frequently leads custom trips in
Oregon and Northern California.

He has recently completed the soon to be published "Bird Guide to I-5" for
birding Oregon, Washington and Northern Callifornia.  He teaches classes in
the history of American ornithology and is currently writing a birding guide,
including sites in Oregon and Washington.

Check out his blog
www.atowhee.wordpress.com and his birding website
About Harry Fuller
"No matter what your birding experience may be Harry makes you feel right at home."
Harry Fuller- Bird Guide and Leader
Photo by Bill Schmoker