16 Days:  Ghana Birding and Wildlife
Comprehensive:  Rainforest, Savanah and More
Our 16 day Upper Guinea rainforest and
savannah  birding tour reaches all key birding habitats
and sites that Ghana has to offer.
  • We will enjoy birding the rarely visited unspoiled
    Ankasa rainforest near the border of the Ivory
    Coast, with some wonderful quality species.   
  • We also travel to Kakum National Park to bird the
    primary Guinea tropical rainforest where the world
    famous Kakum canopy walkway is found.   
  • This trip includes two unforgettable birding
    sightings, including the Yellow-headed Picathartes
    and the Egyptian Plover.
We also visit Mole National Park, Bobiri Forest Reserve,
the Atewa Range, Shai Hills Reserve, Sakumono Lagoon,
Cape Coast, Tongo Hills, Tono Dam and more.  The result
of this rainforest focus and plan to visit all of these key
habitats will result in a bird list of 420 to 460 West African
bird species.

New:  Ghana 12 + 7 Birding and Wildlife
with Special Host Ted Floyd and 2
Excellent Local Guides: This tour is much like our 16
day tour, but in the end this tour has three advantages.
(1) You get a very well staffed tour with the addition of Ted
Floyd, the editor of the American Birding Association's
Birding magazine, and two expert local guides.  
(2) This tour also includes birding at Kalakpa Reserve,
and you should pick up another 20 or 30 species,
including Capuchin Babbler, Yellow-throated (Green)
Cuckoo, Red-cheeked Wattle-eye, Puvel's Illadopsis, Leaf-
love, and Blue-shouldered Robin-Chat.  So in the end,
maybe 440 to nearly 500 species of birds.
(3) You get the choice of a shorter tour at 12 days or you
can expand the tour (7 additional days) to also include
Mole National Park, Tongo Hills, Tona Dam and the key
site for Egyptian Plover.

Also Offering Custom Tours for Couples or
Small Groups from 8 to 16 Days:

We also have the ability to develop custom tours for
couples and/or other small groups to meet your birding
interests and desires for Ghana and west African birding.  
We have custom itineraries ready for your review for 8,
10, 12, 14 or 16 days, and we can develop custom tours
to meet any tour length and/or key sites in which you are
interested.  To get things started, please contact us.  We
are happy to design trips around your desired list of
species, your desired sites to visit, your budget and/or any
other factors you may wish to consider.  If you would like
us to develop a custom tour, we do ask for your phone
number and email to get this conversation started.  Please
contact us at charles@pibird.com or at 720-320-1974 or
follow this link:
Email or Phone about Custom Ghana Trip.
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Several Excellent Choices for Birding in Ghana
For more information or to register for any of our birding trips, call Charles at
888-203-7464 or Charles directly at 720-320-1974 or by email at
Birding in Ghana
We offer birders a number of
ways to spend 8 to 19 days
enjoying the birds of Ghana.
With over 755 species of birds, Ghana is an ideal bird
watching destination.  For any birder aiming to maximize
birds seen in Africa, West Africa is a top three
destination.  These birding trips are cost effective,
productive and fun.
  • We use highly experienced tour leaders and guides
    with expert knowledge of Ghana’s birds and their
    habitats.  Our tour leaders have been working and
    living in and around Ghana’s national parks all their
    lives, studying and recording Ghana’s birds.  This
    local knowledge enhances our participant’s chances
    of productive and enjoyable birding.
  • Ghana covers a variety of habitats, including
    coastal wetland lagoons and saltpans on the Gold
    Coast, inland to primary Guinea tropical rainforest
    and savannah.
  • Birding in Ghana is also a great value at about
    $1,500 per week to $2,300 per week, depending
    upon staffing levels and itinerary.
  • All of our Ghana trips have at least 2 guides for
    each group of only 8 participants.
  • We also offer a range of itineraries from 12 to 19
    days, with our most popular featuring the Egyptian
    Plover and the Yellow-headed Picathartes.

Along with our Ghana-based partner, we continuously
strive to improve our birding tours.  We hope one of these
four upcoming trips meets your birding interests well.
Brief Overview of Bird Watching
in Ghana