Top Three Ghana Bird Guides and Leaders:  The Ntakor Brothers

Our main partner in Ghana provides tour operations and support for about every major American and European
bird tour operator.  They usually send two of their excellent guides on every trip, depending upon if the group’s
interests includes birds, butterflies, mammals and other wildlife and/or cultural/historic study.

The three Ntakor brothers are really their top three birding guides, and all three are more than capable of leading
any birding group and assuring an excellent birding tour for all.  All have been well trained by Robert and Mark, and
all learn from each other about the latest bird sightings and finds.

Robert Ntakor

Robert is widely regarded as one of Africa’s finest birding and wildlife tour leaders.  He was born in 1972 and was
one of eight brothers and four sisters.   He was raised in a small village in the Central Region of Ghana, and
Kakum National Park was his playground growing up.  He learned a great deal in his early years both listening and
observing birds and other wildlife, and this has provided him an exceptional ability to find those secretive quality
forest bird species.

Robert also holds a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Tourism, and he has previously worked as a park ranger
and a tour guide at Kakum National Park for over a decade.

During the last ten years, he has become one of the principle birding and wildlife guides in West Africa.  Robert
swiftly moved up the ranks within our partner organization and is now their Tour Director and a Principal Tour

Besides enjoying time with his family, Robert never tires of being on tour and loves nothing more than to be in the
bush researching new sites for Ghana’s rapidly growing quality bird and mammal list.  
Robert is married with six children.

Francis Ntakor

Francis is another of the famous Ntakor brother bird guides.  Francis was born and raised in a village near the
famous Kakum National Park in the Central Region of Ghana.   As he grew up, he was schooled in the same
village as his brothers, and he has also developed a keen interest in nature and wildlife, especially birds.  This
interest in birds, dating back to his earliest years, is the foundation for his excellent field skills.  He has constantly
been trained over most of his life as a bird guide, by his older brother Robert.

Francis has a natural ability with the birds and has a cool and calm presence loved by his tour participants.  
Francis is often picked as a bird guide by many top American and European birding tour groups.

Francis is now in his mid-thirties, and he has recently married and is now planning to start a family.

James Ntakor
Born and raised in a village near Kakum National Park, James is one of the three bird tour leader/guide brothers
working with our Ghana birding partner.  

Watching James while he is looking for birds, it is clear to see that he too spent time in Kakum, learning to listen
and observe birds and wildlife from a very early age.  As he grew up surrounded by upper guinea rainforest, James
had no problem sorting through the birds and their song/calls to get the group on new trip birds and speciality
species throughout the trip.  He has a natural ability to find the target species of the groups he leads.  Trained by
his senior brother (Robert), it took him no time at all perfecting his skills and getting to the high standard required
to lead tours in Ghana.  
James has an immense passion and love for wildlife and is often heard having a private chuckle while looking
through the scope.  His spoken English is excellent, and he has a sociable character a joy to be around.  James is
very ambitious and is now challenging his brother for top Ghana bird guide.    

Now in his mid-thirties, James fits in well with our young and ambitious team of top Ghana bird guides.
Additional Trip Leadership, Guiding and Support to Assure a Most Successful
February 2013 Ghana Birding Trip

Ted Floyd, Editor of Birding Magazine, Adds Great Fun and Perspective to Any Birding Trip

Ted Floyd is the Editor of Birding magazine, the flagship publication of the American Birding Association (ABA).  Ted is an Instructor
with the ABA’s Institute for Field Ornithology, and he is a frequent speaker at bird festivals and other birding events.

Ted has led birding trips throughout North America, birded around the world, and has led trips to several international destinations.  

Ted has a B.A. in Biology (Princeton University) and a Ph.D. in Ecology (Penn State University).  He headed up the Nevada Breeding
Bird Atlas for the Great Basin Bird Observatory before working for over a decade at the American Birding Association.

He is a widely published author, with nearly 150 articles on birds and other topics in natural history.  Ted is also the senior author of
the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Nevada (2007), the Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America (2008), and a recently
released beginner’s guide called Let’s Go Birding! (2009).  

Ted has broad interests in birding and ornithology, especially as they relate to conservation and management.  He currently serves
on the Board of Directors for Colorado Field Ornithologists, and he recently served two terms on the Board of Directors for Western
Field Ornithologists. In recent years, Ted participated in the creation of Bird Conservation Plans for Partners in Flight and is involved
in the production of Eco-Regional Plans for The Nature Conservancy.  

He is currently involved in efforts to describe the nocturnal flight calls of migrating birds in western North America.  In all his work,
Ted is interested in promoting partnerships that depend on the active contributions of amateur field ornithologists.

A former resident of Nevada and Pennslyvania, Ted currently lives in Colorado with his wife Kei, daughter Hannah, and son Andrew.
Robert continues to look for birds and to get a nice
scope view for all the participants.
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