Day 1:  Arrival and fly to Quito
Day 2:  Birding Antisana Reserve & Pappalachta Pass
Day 3:  Birding forested areas around Pappalachta hot
, then Guango Reserve, birding the
Baeza-Cosanga Road then to San Isidro for evening.
Day 4:  Birding San Isidro reserve and enjoying beautiful
lodge there.
Day 5:  Birding Loretto Road all day, and ending day at
Day 6:  Birding at Wild Sumaco
Day 7:  Morning birding at Wild Sumaco and then drive to
Coca by noon. Transfer back to Quito or most participants
Amazonia Basin and Sani Lodge.
Days 8 and 9:  Fantastic birding at Sani Lodge in
Amazonian Basin.
Day 10:  AM Sani Lodge, then flight Coca to Quito (arrive
in early afternoon).  Flights home that night or next
Brief Itinerary
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Murray Cooper
The Best of Eastern Ecuador
After most participants bird Northwest Ecuador, they yearn
to return for more. Many choose birding sites and lodges
east of Quito for their return trip to Ecuador.  We know of a
number of various experienced world birders who love to
return to Ecuador as the lodges are a great value and the
birding is always productive with many species seen each
day and new life birds found.
  • Most trips find over 300 to 400 species in one week
    with well-planned itineraries and top Ecuadorian
  • Excellent lodges (such as San Isidro) and birding
    east of Quito set the stage for seeing many species
    not see in Northwest Ecuador.
  • Trips from $1,990, but all worth another $800 to
    enjoy birding in Amazonian Basin (and enjoying
    another 100 to 150 species to your trip).   
  • Trips offered nearly each month during dryer
    season from September to March with additional
    custom options.  
  • These trips are filled with Tanagers, Hummingbirds
    and a number of amazing Amazonian species.
  • Ecuador is the home of our main South American
    partner, Neblina Forest Tours.  Our guides include  
    Lelis Navarrete (widely regarded as the best bird
    guide in South America), Alejandro Solano, Willy
    Perez,  Gustavo Canas-Valle, Manuel Sanchez,
    Xavier Munoz and numerous other reliable and
    excellent guides throughout the country.
  • These trips are well planned to focus on bird
    watching. With excellent guides, we anticipate trip
    participants will see 340 to 400 species during a 10
    day trip.
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Brief Overview
Trip Description
Pappalachta Pass, Antisana Reserve, Guango Reserve, Sani Isidro, Loretto Road, Wild Sumaco and More
Trip includes Sani Lodge and Amazonian Basin
Other Extensions:  Galapagos Islands and/or Few Days in Mindo
Eastern Ecuador
For more information or to sign up for one of our trips, call Charles or Alison
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