About David Trently
David Trently - Bird Guide and Leader
Photo by Bill Schmoker
"David really enjoys finding and showing you the key species for the trip.  David's love of birds and
all nature makes the trip enjoyable and fun."
David has loved natural history his entire life, and he has seriously studied birds and butterflies
for over twenty years.   For nearly two decades, he has lead trips for local bird clubs and
Audubon groups, first starting with the Tennessee Ornithological Society (TOS). That soon led
to organizing trips farther afield, and he now guides 8 to 12 trips per year for the Partnership for
International Birding.  

David has led trips all around the US and to other countries, including Panama, Ecuador,
Mexico and Belize.  

In addition to birding, David spends a lot of time documenting species for county lists and
photographing butterflies and dragonflies.  David is also involved in annual BioBlitzes and bird
counts, and his advice on the distribution of certain species is sought out in both Tennessee
and Pennsylvania.  He has been in active leadership roles in the Tennessee Ornithological
Society and other birding and conservation efforts.

He has worked at the University of Tennessee in the Entomology and Plant Pathology
Department.  He has an M.S. degree from UT and a B.S. in biology research from the Univ. of
Scranton in Pennsylvania.

He has recently moved back to his home state of Pennsylvania, and he now works full-time for
the Partnership for International Birding.  As a Partner in the Partnership for International
Birding, he is more than happy to guide anywhere in the United States and/or host a birding trip
in most any country.
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