Photo by John Drummond
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo byJohn Drummond
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
Photo by John Drummond
14 Days Birding Cali to Bogota
Colombia Cauca Valley
14 Day Trip
KM 18 Cloud Forest, famous
Hummingbird gardens and
feeders, Yotoco Protected Forest,
Laguna de Sonso, Cañon del Rio
Barbas, El Cairo, Otún Quimbaya,
La Suiza Lodge, Rio Blanco,
Manisales, Nevado del Ruiz
National Park,Bellavista Reserve,
La Vega, endemic rich marshes
near Bogota, and other key
birding spots.

And, extension to Santa Marta.
"The Cauca Valley is one of the important eco-regions in Colombia and home to 24
endemic species and numerous excellent birding opportunities
Trip Description
Day 1:  Arrival and fly to Cali by noon.  Birding at cloud
forest at KM
18 and Finca Mi Universo.
Day 2:  More birding back at KM 18 Cloud Forest (few
more key endemics and more great birding) and
of Luis Mazariegos.
Day 3:   Early morning birding the Yotoco Forest,
afternoon  birding at Laguna de Sonso.
Day 4:  Early Morning birding the Cañon del Rio Barbas
and late afternoon in El Cairo.
Day 5: Full day birding in  El Cairo (humid,  moss
covered forest) for many west slope Chocó specialties
(including many new birds at lower elevations).
Day 6:  Early morning birding El Cairo (up on San José
del Palmar road)
and drive to Otún Quimbaya and bird
La Suiza Lodge area
Day 7:  Morning birding Otún Quimbaya, afternoon
birding in
Rio Blanco and drive to Manisales.
Day 8:  Full day birding at Rio Blanco Reserve,
enjoying Antpitta feeding, humminbird feeders and much
Day 9:  Full day birding at Rio Blanco Reserve,
enjoying other forested areas at different elevation
Day 10:  Early morning birding the highlands of Nevado
del Ruiz National Park
, afternoon birding the Bellavista
Day 11:  Full day birding Bellavista Reserve.
Day 12:  Early morning birding at Bellavista Reserve
and the Victoria surroundings and birding at key spots on
drive to La Vega in the afternoon.
Day 13:  Early morning birding in La Vega, and late
afternoon birding in
marshes near Bogotá.
Day 14:  Early morning birding in La Florida marshes
near Bogotá (depends on flight times) and
transfer to
the airport
for the international flights back home (main
trip and after 12:00 noon)
and/or on to Santa Marta
(extension trip).

Day 14 to 20:  Santa Marta extension.  

Please check out our Santa Marta website and detailed
itinerary.  Links below.
Brief Itinerary
The Cauca Valley is one of the important eco-regions in
Colombia filled with endemics and near endemics. Cauca
Valley is home to a handful of endemic species not seen
anywhere else in the country. The Western and Central
Cordilleras on both flanks of the valley harbor many
species with ranges restricted to the cloud forests and
grassland Páramos of the mountains. Some of these
species are shared with bordering Ecuador, but most of
these species are more easily seen in Colombia.  In
Colombia, their populations are better represented or
found in areas of easier access. This trip will allow us to
look for 20 to 24 Colombian endemic species and
additional near endemics.
  • For experience South American birders, Colombian
    birding can no longer be missed. All birder can
    enjoy finding 370 to 420 species in just 2 weeks.  
    Even experience birders usually add 100 species to
    their life lists here.
  • This full two week trip ranges in price from $3,390
    to $3,890 (less than $250 per day for most trips)
    and great value to the experienced South American
    birder hoping to see these terrific endemics.
  • This route is filled with beautiful tanagers (40 to 50
    species), numerous Brush-Finches, Trogans and
    Quetzals and other beautiful birds. With members
    of the Toucan and Parrot families well seen, all
    birders enjoy these trips.  
  • Hummingbirds and feeders can provide up to
    twelve species at a single set of feeders and up to
    40 species can be seen over the trip, including a lot
    of species difficult to find in other parts of South
  • With our guides, you will see more species than
    you have seen before, as they will find more
    species of Antpittas, Flycatchers, Tapaculos and
    other difficult to find species. Please check out our
    trip reports and compare.  You will have fun birding
    in Colombia.
  • The extra day at Rio Blanco will allow the group to
    find at least another 20 species and likely over 40.  
    See detailed itinerary for more here.
  • These trips are well planned to focus on bird
    watching. With excellent guides, we anticipate trip
    participants will see 350 to 400 species during this
    main trip. The longer trip with a visit to Santa Marta
    can top 600 species.  

We offer Colombia trips every 1 to 3 months throughout
the year, typically offering 4 to 6 trips each year.

Please contact us to get trip reports to get a good idea of
the bird species you will see based upon our past
More Details on This Trip
Please call Charles (in the USA at 720-320-1974 or toll free at 888-203-7464) or Ian
(in the UK at 07719-052820), and/or email Also feel free to click