Day 1:   Arrival in Brisbane; Afternoon birding at              O’
Reilly's Rainforest Retreat, Lamington National Park.
Day 2:  Birding and Wildlife Watching at Lamington
National Park at O’Reilly’s,
including Satin Bowerbird.
Day 3:  From O’Reilly’s to Adelaide; Late PM St. Kilda’s
for shorebirds.
Days 4 and 5:  Birding and wildlife watching on Kangaroo
ncluding Flinders Chase National Park.   
Day 6:  Adelaide to Hobart; Late PM beginning of birding in
Day 7:  AM birding Mount Wellington and surrounding
Areas; PM birding to
Bruny Island.
Day 8: Birding Tasmanian endemics and more on Inala
Reserve and Bruny Island;
Late PM coastal birding
including Little Penguin Rookery and more.
Day 9: AM birding at the Inala Reserve; Wildlife cruise
(for birding and sea mammals), and late PM birding
coastline to rainforest habitat
; Late PM (optional) for
nocturnal birds and marsupials.
Day 10: Birding and wildlife watching at Mount Field
National Park.
Day 11: Mount Field to Cradle Mountain National Park
for Tasmanian Devils
and more birds and wildlife
Day 12: Birding and wildlife watching at Cradle Mountain
National Park
Day 13:  Cradle Mountain to Narawntapu National Park.
Day 14: Depart Launceston; Birding at area wetlands for
a few more endemics
before start return flights home.
14 Days Birding and Enjoying Wildlife in
Southern Australia
O'Reilly's Rainforest Reserve, Kangaroo Island,
Inala Nature Reserve, Tasmania and More
Southern Australia Birding and Wildlife
                                   Trip Details
Photo by Chris Tzaros.
Photo by Chris Tzaros.
Photo by Chris Tzaros.
Photo by Chris Tzaros.
Photo by Chris Tzaros.
Photo by Bob Lewis.
Photo by Bob Lewis.
Brief Overview of Trip
For birders and naturalists, Australia has much to offer.  
Australia has over 775 species of birds, and 340 of these
are endemics with over 200 endemics cost effective to find
for most bird watchers.  Besides the endemics, the trip
offers good looks at numerous other bird species.  

With the leadership of the Australian biologist, Dr. Tonia
Cochran, eight lucky birders will have a chance to bird and
enjoy wildlife in Southern Australian natural areas.  We will
visit several habitats from mountain to coastline and have
a chance at many of Australia’s endemic bird (about 100)
and mammal species (around 30).

Some of the endemics we should see: Albert's Lyrebird,
Green Catbird, Regent Bowerbird, Forty-spotted
Pardalote, three honeyeaters endemic to Tasmania, and
Tasmanian Native Hen.  In addition we will see a selection
of Australia’s many marsupials plus the koala, kangaroo
and a scarce wallabies.  Of course, we will expect to see
the endangered Tasmanian Devil. Even widely distributed
birds like Short-tailed Shearwater and Little Penguin will
likely be seen.  

As this trip includes O'Reilly's and Kangaroo Island, this
trip will surely be a trip of the life time.
Brief Itinerary
Trip Description
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