Birding in Southeast Arizona
Brief Overview of the Trip
From desert basins to sky islands, southeastern Arizona is
one of the most biologically diverse areas in North
America.  This is where the Sonoran and Chihuahuan
Deserts come together. This is also where the temperate
Rocky Mountains and the subtropical Sierra Madres meet.
This diversity of habitat is the reason that this area has
more species of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects than
any other area in the country. There are 550 species of
birds on the Arizona list, and you can always expect a
productive trip here.  As a testament to the region's
diversity, many areas have been identified as “Important
Bird Areas” (IBA) by the National Audubon Society.

Southeast Arizona always has something to offer most
North American birders.  Birds like the Elegant Trogon,
Buff-collared Nightjar, Five-striped Sparrow, Mexican
Chickadee, Red-faced Warbler, Buff-breasted Flycatcher
and Thick-billed Kingbird are specialties of Arizona. With
the Mexican border along our southern edge, the potential
for Mexican rarities just adds to the excitement.

Expect great service, great guiding, and great birding for
this trip.
Trip Description
Southeast Arizona Birding
$1,590 (£1080) for a minimum of 8 people. This price
includes lodging for six nights and birding over seven
days. This includes the services and expenses of the bird
guide. Other included services are travel planning and
transportation services (including the van and gasoline).  
Breakfast is included with the lodging we have booked.
This price is per person and assumes a shared room (with
another roommate or spouse).  

Single accommodations are available for an additional
$360 (£230).

Not Included in Pricing:

•        The trip price does not include the flight to Arizona,
lunch, suppers and tips.  
•        You should budget between $275 and $500 for your
flight to Tucson.
•        Budget another $175-225 for meals.  This meal
budget would include an average of $10 for lunch and $16
for dinner.  Feel free to budget more, if you so choose.
•        Some participants may choose to fly in the night
before, and an additional night of lodging will be
about $80 to $120 per room (near the airport).

Note:  Please contact us prior to booking your flight, or
you may end up paying additional lodging and transfer
Day 1:  Arrival in Tucson.  Birding at Agua Caliente Park.

Day 2: Santa Catalina Mountains and Mt. Lemmon

Day 3: Florida Wash and Madera Canyon

Day 4:  Patagonia Lake State Park, Patagonia-Sonoita
Creek Preserve, Paton's hummingbird feeders,

Roadside Rest and more.

Day 5:   Sierra Vista area—Miller, Garden, Scheelite or
Carr Canyons,
SanPedro River and more

Day 6:   Chiricahua Mountains

Day 7: Willcox Playa and Sulphur Springs Valley in
Departure from Tucson after 2 PM.

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Brief Itinerary
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