About Our Key International Partners!
Key Partners
of the Partnership for International Birding

Update:  August, 2011

The Partnership for International Birding now combines the best
of effective local logistical operators (such as Neblina Forest
International), some of the world's best bird guides (Lelis
Navarrete, Johnnie Kamugisha and many others), and a
number of other key partners to
bring our customers a wide
variety of choices
to meet their bird watching travel needs.  

In every country we work, we have
developed strong and
effective relationships with the top local bird watching
.  The best value in every trip is the top local guide who
spends nearly every week of the year listening and learning
more and more about where different bird species can be
found.  Their expertise will allow you to see more bird species
each day and provide a foundation for learning more about the
habitats and natural world you will be visiting.

Over the last several years, we have expanded our
partnerships with a number of popular bird tour leaders from
the United States, making up our host council for our
international trips and also offering a number of great birding
trips within the United States.
For more information,
contact us at
1-888-203-7464 or by
email at
Lelis Navarrete:  Top Bird Guide and Key

Lelis Navarrete has nearly twenty years of experience as a birding
guide. Lelis has vast experience as tour leader in Bolivia, Brazil,
Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Peru, and now Columbia
and  Panama.  
  • Lelis is regarded as one of the finest birding guides in
    South America and is often consulted for his knowledge of
    the birds and their vocalizations.  Lelis is familiar and able
    to recognize the calls and sounds of some 2,400 South
    American species, and nearly 8,000 bird vocalizations.  
    You will find Lelis can find bird species by ear from 200
    yards away and help you see the bird species you most
    desire whether you are in Ecuador or whether you are in
    Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, or most any part of South
    America. By my estimates and experience, Lelis' skills will
    allow you the opportunity to see another 10 to 30 species
    more per day than other bird guides in South America.
  • His skills and time in the field often support a number of
    scientific contributions.  The most famous is working with
    Robert Ridgely in discovering of the Jocotoco Antpitta (a
    new bird to science), and also with Ridgely on first
    records of Crested Becard and Spot-throated
    Hummingbird.  He has contributed to the work of John
    Moore, including several CDs of Ecuadorian birds songs
    and calls and including the rediscovery of Striated Antbird.  
    In solo, he has reported new species for the Ecuador bird
    list: Andean Tyrant, White-backed Stilt, and Peruvian
    Antpitta.  When in the field in any country, Lelis can find
    new species where not found before, extending the known
    range of several other species in many parts of South
  • When Ridgley returns to South America, he often hires
    Lelis as a guide in most parts of South America.  
  • Lelis has a degree in biology from the Universidad
    Catolica in Quito.  
  • Besides being a fantastic bird guide, Lelis supports a
    number of conservation efforts.  He has been, and
    continues to serve, on the Board of the Jocotoco
    Foundation (since its conception).   
  • Lelis has always received the highest rankings from client
    comments.  His tour participants use him as a
    benchmark for all birding guides worldwide. In addition to
    his strong background as a field naturalist birder, Lelis is
    unparalleled for his people skills, attentiveness, humor
    and organizational skills.
  • Lelis, along with Xavier Munoz and Mercedes Rivadeneira,
    is one of the owners of Neblina International.
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